Sometimes Euphoric, Sometimes Uncanny

how do i tell the algorithm that even though i clicked on something, i didn't actually like it — c. wallace

A long time mediaphile, Carvell Wallace distills personal experience into his writing. The palpable sincerity in his interviews has exposed readers of New Yorker Magazine, Vogue, and Pitchfork to Wallace's naked observations. You will find he has that deceptive simplicity that even if you copied word-for-word could never be mistaken for your creation.

You should not mistake his clairvoyance for neutrality; Wallace is transparently clear about where he stands on the polarizing issues. And here you find Wallace's spell. No matter the subject, from Mr. Roger's philosophy to Noname's lyrics to mass incarceration and erasure in Harlem, you have the feeling you are somehow floating in his mind as he reflects and draws conclusions.