Birds of a Feather

All naturalists who have closely attended to the habits of birds are unanimously of opinion that the males take delight in displaying their beauty. — c. darwin

The natural world will always play the larger role in fine art. And in mundane art as well. Matt Adrian's flock of insightful avian portraits are a far cry from the anatomical sketches of naturalists decades ago. While Adrian's paintings are exquisitely done, his equally exquisite titles have won him many admirers. For instance, the title of a muted and regal toucan looking into the background is titled: "Inappropriate and Unsettling Stories for the Swift Silencing of a Precocious Child"

The bird prints he has made available to the humble fridge-art collector are decidedly cheekier. It reminds you of A Softer World (what happened to all those early noughts webcomics?) in style but mostly a lighter take. 

In this way, Adrian brings art and meme to coexist and to better one another. We appreciate the fineness of the feathered and are gifted a saying plucked from the collective subconscious or recycled from the teeming meme vats.