A Genre Hopping Puzzle

In sales writing, the purpose of every sentence is to get the reader to read at least the following sentence. When it come to creative writing, the reader is expected to have willingly opted to suspend belief for long enough to get to the good stuff. Taylor Zabloski throws this poetic license out the window like a brick being thrown through a pane of glass.

The writing of this audiobook-style podcast is tight. Airtight. Every episode completely resolves the action, but by the time you reach part 2, you realize every episode is a cliffhanger. This is the main conceit of the oeuvre: 14 stories that are intricately and deftly interconnected and self-referential. Minor mysteries are solved simply. Quickly you grow to expect and anticipate the clues woven into the narrative. 

Not your normal commute podcast, The Dog is Dead demands your attention. But it also richly rewards you for listening deeply. The final episode it the show's Sparknotes that will make you both smug for the connections you made and softly "oh" at the ones you were too distracted by the great storytelling to notice.